Create the Family/Business balance you want!

By Timon Vinke

'Myself and the team of Finch Rock help Coaches to become Time Rich.
This means you have the family/business balance you desire
and have enough time to do the things you find important!'

I help business owners that are struggling to keep their business profitable, that have problems creating a good income for themselves or owners that simply want to grow their business. People that have the dream, the ambition, to grow their business to more than 100.000 Euro profit, but somehow don’t seem to able to reach that without working insane hours. People who are worried that their company might not survive or that they might not be able to support their family in the future.

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"Timon helped me think about my business and how to grow it by asking the right questions.
In his relaxed way he helped me with keeping focus on my goals.
He really speaks from years of experience and that makes his suggestions tangible and practical."
Eli te Winkel
"Timon asks really good questions and by doing that he makes you kind of figure out for yourself how things can be better.
He does this in a relaxed manner where there is room for humor. Recommended!"
Marije Lutgendorff

'Entrepreneurs are the movers of the economy. You are special. You make things happen, you are pro-active, you go out there and create value in other people’s lives every day. I want to help you and your business thrive, because, in the end, all of humanity will benefit from that.'

Timon Vinke

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