5 Steps To Sell Without Selling

5 Steps To Sell Without Selling

Most business owners I know don’t like to sell. Selling is often regarded as a way to deceive people to buy something that they don’t want. And on top of that it can be scary as you might be rejected, so better not to sell, right?


Any business NEEDS sales to survive. You are selling, whether you realize it or not, otherwise you wouldn’t have a business. But on the other hand, I also don’t want to be that sleezy sales guy, so I looked for a different way.


The idea behind this approach is that you make sales through an advisory role. But you will still need to take potential clients though the steps, otherwise their buying objections and indecision will get in their way and they will not buy.


You must have had an experience of someone who sold you something, but you were actually grateful for his help in making the right choice and the advice he gave you. The goal is to be that guy.

Step 1: Show them why they need your services

Most business owners make the mistake of thinking that the client will know why they need the services just as well as the owners themselves know. This is almost never true, so you need to show it. Not by making false promises of course, but by showing results you achieved with other clients. Then explain what problem your service will solve for them specifically. And more importantly how their lives will look like when the problem is solved. Ask them: “How would your life look like if you decided to buy my services?”

Step 2: Show them the cost of not having your services

Preferably you can express in money how much not having your services is costing them or show them how much more money they will make when they have your services. If that is not possible, for example when you are a hair stylist, emphasize how they are feeling now, and how they will feel after having used your service. “Now you feel embarrassed about your hair, but after just one visit you will feel confident and beautiful again.”

Step 3: Lower their risk

Most business owners worry a lot about their risk when a client buys. But the less risk for you, the more risk for your client. And that makes it more difficult to make the decision to buy.
Think of ways to lower the perceived risk for your clients. Money back guarantees, first session free, result guarantees, split payment, these are all great ways to lower the risk for your clients. It is not enough that you have these things in place, even if you are obliged by law. You need to TELL THEM you have them and how it lowers the risk for them.

Step 4: Show them what a good investment your services are

Once I asked a client how much the production of a machine would increase if they would buy my services. He answered, by 10%. Great! Because then I showed him that even if the production only increased by 2% he would already earn back his investment. Can you imagine how easy it was to sell my services to him?


Another approach could be that you show how much time they save, calculate how much your services cost per hour saved and then compare that again the hourly rate or salary of that person. So for example, your services cost € 1.000,-, but you save your client 20 hours. Your client would then pay €50,- for every hour saved. If he charges €100,- an hour to his clients, this would be an easy sell, right?

Step 5: Ask for the buy

The fear of rejection is holding so many business owners back from actually asking for the buy. There is no easy way of getting over that, other than telling yourself that you already have a no and can only get a yes. And getting a lot of No’s. It gets easier with time.
But from now on never leave a client without asking: “Would you like to invest in my services?” If you change the question a little at least make sure it is a yes or no question. If they answer no, ask why, try to overcome any objections they might have.

With these tips selling becomes not only easier, but actually it can become more fun as well. If done well clients will be happy with your help in making the decision.

What was your best experience in selling one of your services? Let me know in the below comments.

See you around.

All the best,
Timon Vinke

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