• Focus on where the money is: High vs Low Value Clients
    Focus on where the money is: High vs Low Value Clients
  • Top 5 tips to save time on emails
    Top 5 Tips To Save Time On Emails Transcript Hi. My name is Timon Vinke, and thank you for watching. So, today, I’m going to share with you the top five tips to save time on emails. Tip 1: Write Better Emails So, tip number one, write better emails. A lot of the emails that […]
  • Top 3 Tips to become super effective
    Top 3 Tips to become super effective Transcript Hi, my name is Timon Vinke, thank you for watching and today we’re going to talk about the top three tips to become super effective. Tip 1: Batching So let’s kick off with tip number one, batching. So what do I mean by batching? Well basically it […]
  • A Proven Strategy to Manage your Time Effectively
    Strategy for becoming Time Rich Transcription: Hi, my name is Timon Vinke and welcome to this video about taking control over your time. Over the years, even when I started out as an employee, I was always obsessed about using my time as effectively as possible. When I started out as an employee and later […]
  • Family and Business Balance
    Family and Business Balance Transcription: Hi, this is Timon from Finch Rock, and today I want to talk with you about how to improve the balance between work life and private life. So basically, business time and family time. A lot of business owners, they struggle with this because it’s so easy to lose ourselves […]
  • 3 Things You MUST Do To Remove Your Income Ceiling
    3 THINGS YOU MUST DO TO REMOVE YOUR INCOME CEILING Charging by the hour or getting paid for your time which is basically the same thing, can get you a good income. I build my first business on that model and reached €125,000.- in sales, more than I ever earned as an employee. But there […]
    TOP 9 PRODUCT CREATION TIPS When you want to have more sales, more income, then you need to create products. This can be from 1-on-1 coaching or consultancy, till a full fledged online training and everything in between. But creating products is hard work and often the results are not what was expected or hoped […]
    TOP 3 REASONS NOT TO OUTSOURCE Recently a client of mine spoke to a friend of his whose business wasn’t doing great. In fact, that friend was actively looking for ways to grow their business. My client recommended hiring me. He didn’t mention price or any details, just a general, talk to Timon if you […]
  • Top 3 Bookkeeping Tips
    TOP 3 BOOKKEEPING TIPS On forums and Facebook I come across many topics surrounding business bookkeeping. If you ever had questions about your bookkeeping, then I have the Top 3 bookkeeping tips for you. Tip 1: Don’t do it yourself Bookkeeping is a skill, which means you can be better or worse at it. If […]
    TOP 5 TIPS FOR SELLING LIKE A PRO Selling is a necessity for any business. But the reality is that many self-employed service providers don’t like the idea of selling and therefore aren’t very good at it. With the below top tips selling not only becomes easier, it also becomes more fun. Tip 1: Act […]
  • Top 3 reasons why a smart service provider hires help
    TOP 3 REASONS WHY A SMART SERVICE PROVIDER HIRES HELP Many starting or self-employed business owners are hesitant about outsourcing or hiring people. And this is holding them back. A smart business owner hires help! Here are the top 3 reasons why. Reason 1: Get more focus A challenge many business owners face is the […]
  • 5 Steps to Sell without Selling
    5 Steps To Sell Without Selling Most business owners I know don’t like to sell. Selling is often regarded as a way to deceive people to buy something that they don’t want. And on top of that it can be scary as you might be rejected, so better not to sell, right? Any business NEEDS […]
  • Stop multi tasking
    STOP MULTI-TASKING People are bad at multi-tasking. Doing two (or more) things at the same time has a huge impact. You: Make more mistakes Take a lot longer to finish any task Experience more stress Keep going back and forth between tasks, like a chicken without a head. So why am I (and you most […]
  • Stay focused during information overload
    Stay focused during information overload More and more information is send to you at an ever increasing rate. Information overload is not new but is an increasing issue. So why is it an issue? Distraction. Or in other words, lack of focus. Did you ever experience this? You were working on something. Then you got […]
  • Do you earn enough?
    DO YOU REALLY EARN ENOUGH? Do you think you earn enough? Sure? Let’s put that to the test. There are quite some self-employed business owners that struggle to get by financially month-to-month. It makes me sad that these people struggle, because it can be fixed very quickly. I’ve helped people fix their income in just […]
  • Short vs Long term
    SHORT VS LONG TERM There is no denying that short-term attention and problem solving is required in any business. No matter how good a business is managed, problems still arise, which need to be solved right away. On top of that clients need to be served on a daily basis and there is continuous communication […]
  • When to outsource
    WHEN TO OUTSOURCE Do you have trouble delegating or outsourcing? Either to an employee or a service provider? Most small business owners seem to hate the idea of giving work to someone else, whether that is an employee, a service provider or a sub-contractor. This mostly comes from two common believes. The first believe is: […]
  • Do you really need more clients?
    DO YOU REALLY NEED MORE CLIENTS? If you are like most business owners you believe getting more clients is THE way to grow your business. While it is true that getting more clients will help in growing your business, it is not the only way. We will cover how to get more clients, but I […]
  • grow revenue or cut costs
    Grow revenue or cut costs to increase profits? There are two ways to grow your profit. You increase your turnover, ie sell more products or services. Or you reduce your cost of delivering your product or services. What is the best way to get a higher profit? To answer that question, we have to take […]
  • Why you need to use the 80-20 rule in your business
    Why you need to use the 80-20 rule in your business When making business decisions they should be based on hard facts, as much as possible. But how you look at the facts determines for a great deal how you are going to react to them. That’s why I want to spend some time here […]
  • Why you need to charge high prices
    Why you need to charge high prices Most business owners think that they need to charge low prices to get clients. But that is simply not true. You see, for clients the decision is not on price alone, it is the balance between the price and the value they perceive! If you doubt this, just […]
  • Don’t bankrupt your business by running out of cash
    Don’t bankrupt your business by running out of cash Business don’t go bankrupt because they are making a loss. They go bankrupt because their bank account is empty, and they can’t pay their own bills anymore! If you don’t manage and plan your cashflow you will get a lot of headaches and sleepless nights. You […]
  • Stop working all the time
    Stop working all the time You try to spend time with your family, your kids or you’re simply trying to have a social live outside work. But somehow it seems there is always more work. You might feel like you must spend every waking hour working, just to make sure your business survives and starts […]
  • What is wrong with strategy?
    WHAT IS WRONG WITH STRATEGY? I think most business owners have heard they need a strategy, yet so few have it. I want to address the biggest misconceptions about strategy, so you can get over the hurdle and actually create and implement a strategy for your business. But before I do, let me explain a […]