Business Management Program

Stop worrying about the future of your Business!

By following this program you will learn exactly how to grow your business and leverage your time.

Grow your Business so you can:
  • Earn more
  • Be more secure financially
  • Spend time with your family
  • Improve your lifestyle
  • Do more of the things you love to do

Every month I will host a webinar in which I teach you the most important topics for building a successful business.
The few weeks in between the webinars allow you to actually implement what you learn and make the changes in your business.

You’ll learn secrets like:
  • How getting more clients is only one of the three ways to grow your business
  • How to optimize your hourly earnings
  • How to get the most financial benefits from being a business owner
  • How to start and optimize outsourcing
  • How to think strategically and secure the future of your business

Business Management Program

  • Monthly LIVE Webinar
  • Access to webinar recordings
  • Exercises and Templates
  • Private FB group for all your questions
  • Surprise bonuses

You can unsubscribe at any time.

Only € 20,- per month

Business Management Program Package

Best Value! 50% discount!

Full year access

Normally € 240,-

Now only € 120,-

  • 12 Webinars, one each month
  • All the bonuses from becoming a subscriber
  • For first 5 buyers Extra Bonus: A private 1-on-1 Business Strategy Coaching Call

"Hi, My name is Timon Vinke"

I help Business Owners who struggle with growing their business’s profitability and who desire to have more income and financial security by discovering how to manage their business, leverage their time and outsource & delegate effectively, so that they can enjoy more income, more free time and less stress. And I would love to help you to.


When I started my business I worried whether the business would make it. Even though in my last position as General Manager of an international branch office I increased sales from 1,5 Million to 4,5 Million euro in just 3 years, while working only 40 hours a week on average.


I still worried whether I could grow MY business. I didn’t need to worry, as it turned out. The first full year of having my own business I earned more than I ever did as an employee and crossed the hundred-thousand-euro turnover barrier, working just 32 hours a week with the occasional exception.


In short, I can get results quickly and I can help you do the same!


I invite you to join other business owners in the Business Management Program. For a small fee I will teach you how to grow your business, get more income, get more free time and less stress.


Every last Monday of the month at 15:00 GMT (10:00 ET)

On occasion the webinar might shift to a different date or timing, but you will be informed well in advance if that is the case.


The webinars will be hosted via Zoom, an online conferencing and webinar tool.

You need to install a small program which is free. Aside from our webinars we use Zoom all the time and can recommend it for all your online conferencing.

After installing Zoom you can access the webinar through a link that we will send you in advance.

We aim to have recordings online within 24 hours after the LIVE webinar.

You will receive a notification when it is available.

The recordings of the webinars will be made available on our website.

There you can view the webinars for which you subscribed.
For a small fee you can also view other webinar recordings.


When you become a subscriber you will get the access details by mail.