Do you think you earn enough? Sure? Let’s put that to the test.


There are quite some self-employed business owners that struggle to get by financially month-to-month. It makes me sad that these people struggle, because it can be fixed very quickly. I’ve helped people fix their income in just 2 weeks. But this is not the group of business owners I want to talk about, although this post is still relevant for them.


I want to talk about the business owners that think they earn “enough”. They have a certain income of which they feel very secure and they think and say “this is enough”. If you ask them if they want to earn more money, they will say yes, who wouldn’t? But when you look at their actions you learn the truth. They are not actively trying to increase their income.


I’ll give you an example. I once hired a professional and I discussed this point with her as well. She said, I don’t want my business to grow further, because I’m comfortable now and I don’t want to hire staff. She told me she saw up close the stress that having employees can bring. What is wrong in this picture?


Another example is a colleague I had. He used to have an agency business and had a wonderful live. But at age 60 he needed to get a job, he became my colleague. He also had big problems in buying a house, because few banks would want to give him a long running mortgage at his age. What is wrong in this picture?


And lastly a personal example. Once I was ill and couldn’t do any work. As a result, my sales went down and absolutely nothing got done in the business. What is wrong in this picture?


What I’m trying to get at is the following. As a business owner, especially as a self-employed, nobody arranges a safety net for you. You need to do that yourself.


You need to take the necessary steps to have proper insurances.
You need to take the necessary steps to have a good retirement.

Nobody else is going to do it for you.


And both things take money to arrange. So that’s why I started with asking whether you earned enough. Most self-employed, when they get over the initial hurdle and don’t struggle anymore, they stop with growing their business. They become comfortable and stop taking action.


If you do that you have no safety net if you become impaired and can’t work anymore.
You’ll have zero set aside for your pension. Do you plan on working till you drop?

When you get over the hurdle of struggling in your business, take a breather, you deserve it. But don’t stop there.

Aim for the stars!
Grow that business!

You have shown you can make clients happy, otherwise you wouldn’t have any business.
Build on that, leverage your business, grow it as much as you can.

And use the money you earn to create your safety net and pension.


Let me know what your plans for a safety net are in the comments below.


See you around.


All the best,
Timon Vinke

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