If you are like most business owners you believe getting more clients is THE way to grow your business. While it is true that getting more clients will help in growing your business, it is not the only way.


We will cover how to get more clients, but I will also share with you two other ways of growing your business without needing more clients.


Let’s be frank about one thing, getting new clients is hard. I mean there are ways to make it easier, but it never becomes very easy. It is very rare that I hear business owners complaining they can’t handle all the new clients.

But as I said, there are ways to make it easier, so let’s have a quick look at a few of them. At the core of each of these is system thinking. This means they are all based on a system with a strategy behind them. This allows you to perfect the system and to delegate part of the system.


That system is called Marketing. One definition of Marketing I heard, which I really like, is that Marketing makes selling superfluous. In other words, the better your marketing system, the easier it gets to make sales.


Part (definitely not all) of your Marketing toolbox are these systems:


Everybody is familiar with advertising; however, few business owners use it effectively. In fact, I have made this mistake myself as well in the past. When I started advertising on Facebook it wasn’t easy, but it was how I got my first leads for Finch Rock.


When you advertise, make sure you can measure the results. Did the advertising lead to more sales with high enough margins to pay back the advertising and then some?


People who have been referred to you are typically ideal clients. They negotiate less, bring more work and are willing to work with you very quickly. But very few business owners make use of this fact. Word-of-mouth is still a very powerful way to get new clients. So how can you make it super easy for your current clients to refer you? Do you have a system in place?


Recently for an ice-cream wholesaler we came up with the idea of giving his clients who brought a new referral a big discount on the ice-cream the client bought the next month.


When you do this, let your current clients know about the scheme. If they don’t know they won’t take advantage of it.


Organic covers all leads and clients that are from openly available sources, such as your website, your Facebook page, a blog, etcetera. These sources can, and should, be optimized to provide you with more clients as best as possible. It doesn’t make sense for every business to use all sources. Think about which sources are the best fit for your clients. Are they very active on Facebook, use Facebook. If they are not active there, then there is no point in maintaining a Facebook page.

Same goes for LinkedIn and other social media channels. If they like to learn more about how you can help them, perhaps write a blog, such as this one.


If your clients are not online, which I highly doubt, then perhaps you can arrange a speaking gig at a conference which your clients attend.


There are many ways to use organic lead and client generation. The trick is to find the one that best fits your clients and your business.

These are just a few ways to get more clients, but as mentioned earlier. Getting more clients is not the only way to grow your income. In fact, I believe it is the worst way.


Think about this, if suddenly you have double the clients, can your business handle that? In most cases no, not without hiring people. And that takes time. And on top of that it is quite difficult to actually get all those new clients.


Let’s have a look at two other ways that you can grow your business.


When each client you currently have pays you more for each order, then your business has also grown hasn’t it? To get clients to pay you more, you need to raise your prices. But how can you raise your prices without clients running away?


You first need to provide them more value. Give better service, higher quality products, technical support, whatever it is that your clients find valuable.

Then raise your prices.


When a client buys more often your yearly turnover will grow. To get clients to buy more often it is sometimes already enough to just give them a call and ask if you can do more for them. Do they need more of your product or service?

Even if they don’t right away, at least you will be top of mind the moment they do require more of your product or service.


Another great way is to develop new products or services. Call your best clients and simply ask: “How can I help you? Which problem can I help you solve?” And when they answer, listen. Do this with multiple clients and try to find a common area. Then develop a product or service to help in that particular area.

Starting today, stop thinking only in terms of getting more clients to grow your business! What other options are there for you to get clients to pay more or to buy more often? Let us know in the below comments section.


Kind regards,

Timon Vinke

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