The Ultimate 5-Step System To Grow And Leverage Your Services Business

My first business was doing well, but there was a big problem. Some months I sold for thousands of euros and other months I didn’t sell a single thing!

The result was that I always worried about the future, because I never knew where my next sale or project would come from. I didn’t have a system for sales or execution. Every sale and project was customized for that one client and that
one project


This needed to change!


I wanted stable, predictable profit. And on top of that I wanted a way to leverage
my business.

After months of thinking and testing I found a way. I sold for € 10.000,- in a week
and got paid in advance!

When I taught this system to one of my clients he sold 1.5 months of revenue
within the week and also got paid in advance. That’s when I knew I was onto

After those first successes and further fine tuning I created the PODOL system.

Timon Vinke

I help business owners that are struggling to keep their business profitable, that have problems creating a good income for themselves or owners that simply want to grow their business. People that have the dream, the ambition, to grow their business to more than 100.000 Euro profit, but somehow don’t seem to able to reach that without working insane hours. People who are worried that their company might not survive or that they might not be able to support their family in the future.

What is the PODOL™ system?

PODOL™ stands for:

  • Package
  • Offer
  • Deliver
  • Optimize
  • Leverage

It is the best system I know for Service providers to:

  • Escape charging by the hour
  • Get stable and predictable revenue
  • Grow their business, quickly!

Interested in more or want to implement this system?

Here are 2 ways I can help you:

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2. Get a Grow Your Business Session
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