Many starting or self-employed business owners are hesitant about outsourcing or hiring people. And this is holding them back.
A smart business owner hires help! Here are the top 3 reasons why.

Reason 1: Get more focus

A challenge many business owners face is the fact they have to think about everything. You do the accounting, the marketing, the sales, the product development, the IT, the e-mails, oh and of course don’t forget, you also service your clients.


Hiring help means there are areas of your business where you don’t have to worry about. This allows you to focus more on the areas that provide value to your clients or on your marketing.


In short it allows you to focus on growing your business, so you get into a reinforcing cycle. The more help you hire, the more you can focus on growing your business, the more you can afford to hire more help and so on.


The sooner you can start that cycle the better, so start hiring help now!

Reason 2: Free your time

I have seen a survey where 55% of the business owners indicate they spend more than 40 hours a week on their business! And many business owners don’t account for the time they spend thinking and worrying about their business. I hazard a guess that that was not how you envisioned your workweek when you started your business.


Hiring help allows you to reduce your own working hours. This frees up time for other things, liking caring for your health, physically and mentally, spending time with your family. Or you can spend some time on thinking strategically about your business. How to grow it, what to do less, what to do more, where to find more clients, and so on. It is that kind of thinking that is often gets abandoned first when people’s schedules fill up.

Reason 3: Give the right example

As a service provider you are trying to sell your services, which implies that you believe your service provides value to your clients. Basically, you are saying that services in general can be valuable.


If that is true, which I believe it is, then some services are valuable to you as well, right? You need to hire other service providers to show to yourself and your clients that services are valuable.


But.. but… I can’t afford to hire a service provider (yet)!
That is the exact reason a lot of your leads also give for not hiring you, isn’t it? I can’t afford it, means that you don’t perceive the value of the services as being higher than the money you need to invest in it.


I’m not saying you should spend all your turnover on hiring help, but you need to start somewhere. And the best step to get going is hiring a Virtual Assistant. If you look internationally you can find good English-speaking ones for € 10.- an hour or even less. If you still think you can’t afford that you need to schedule a call with me immediately, because then you need to grow your business! Schedule a call here!

These were the top 3 reasons why a smart service provider hires help. What do you think is the best service to hire first? Leave a comment below.

See you around.


All the best,
Timon Vinke


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    Excellent reasons why we should hire help in our business. If our business is to grow we need to focus on working ON our business and less time IN our business.

    When I first started my online business in 2008, I resisted hiring someone for quite a while. Eventually I did and it was a relief to have someone who did routine, everyday tasks allowing me to focus on things only I could do.

    • Reply

      Great to hear you have such a good experience.

      I guess for many they resist at first, for whatever reason, and when they finally take the plunge it’s like “I wish I had done this much earlier.” 🙂

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