Selling is a necessity for any business. But the reality is that many self-employed service providers don’t like the idea of selling and therefore aren’t very good at it.


With the below top tips selling not only becomes easier, it also becomes more fun.

Tip 1: Act like a Consultant

When discussing your offer with clients act like a consultant to their business. Put yourself in their shoes. What are their worries, their fears, their doubts about the offer under discussion? Sometimes you can literally move your chair to sit next to them on their side of the desk, so you can look together at the deal. Work together on creating a deal that works perfectly for both parties. This removes many if not all buying obstacles.

Tip 2: Focus on value and benefits

Many service providers make the mistake of trying to sell what they do and how much time that is taking. Professional salespeople focus on the value that their services are going to provide to the client. What are the benefits of having your service? How will it make their life better?
Instead of trying to sell a hammer, sell them the painting they love hanging on the wall because they can put a nail in the wall.

Tip 3: Negotiate price as final step

A price is always related to the value that the client perceives and completely arbitrary. So whenever a client wants to discuss the price, ask them: “Aside from the price, is there anything else you don’t like about this offer?” And often there is. If they really don’t want to discuss anything but price, ask them: “What price do you think would be a fair price to both of us?” If they don’t answer that, then they just try to get a lower price, without reason. In that case, hold your ground. Don’t give any discount.

Tip 4: Ask for the sale

When you have a negotiating, you really need to ask the question: “Do we have an agreement?” If the answer is no you keep on selling, if the answer is yes, then you can stop selling and finalize the agreement.
It happens to me so often that service providers have a negotiation with me but fail to ask if I’m ready to buy. And the risk is that you talk them out of a buy, if you keep on going too long.

Tip 5: Follow up

In the case you send a proposal to a client to go over it, follow up! Many service providers make the mistake of thinking that if the proposal is good the client will call back. Often that doesn’t happen. So follow up. Call them, schedule a meeting, whatever it takes to get a clear answer whether they agree to the proposal or not. If not, you can find out why and improve the proposal.

Bonus Tip

Whenever you have a negotiation remember it needs to be a fair trade! This means that your services are exchanged against money at fair value and both parties are satisfied with the deal. If you get pushed too hard on price, just say to your client: “I think this agreement is no longer win-win.” Don’t be afraid to walk away from a sale if you are not happy with it.

These are The Top 5 Tips for Selling like a Pro, but there are many more tips to make selling not only more successful, but more fun as well. I would love to hear your best tip for selling in the comments below.


See you around.


All the best,
Timon Vinke


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