Top 5 Tips To Save Time On Emails


Hi. My name is Timon Vinke, and thank you for watching. So, today, I’m going to share with you the top five tips to save time on emails.

Tip 1: Write Better Emails

So, tip number one, write better emails. A lot of the emails that are being sent back and forth are basically explaining what was said in a previous email, so either the question was not clear or an explanation was not clear. What also has to do with that is that people don’t really read the email that they are receiving very well.


So, recently, I have a example where a person I set … We were trying to schedule a meeting, and I wrote down the times that I was available for the meeting, and then she sent me a reply scheduling a time, which where I wasn’t available. So, she didn’t really clearly read the timings in my email, which led to a few more emails going back and forth to clarify and to get the real schedule done, right? So, this is a typical example. So, you want to make sure that you spend the time to write better emails. If you do that, then the recipient of your email will be better able to handle your email, and you don’t get a back and forth sending with clarifications and any questions, follow-up questions, right?

Tip 2: Don't send emails

Okay. So, tip number two, even better is to don’t send your emails all together. So, a lot of times, a quick question or is sometimes even more difficult subject can be more easily dealt with with a phone call. If you want to have a quick answer or if it is a more difficult subject where you know that there will be some back and forth discussion, it’s better to give them a call because in one call, you can very quickly eliminate a lot of the doubts and questions, and people will understand you better if you talk to them, and then they can also ask for clarification and explanation right away. That eliminates emails, and emails … So, that clears up your inbox, right? So, schedule a time, give them a call, and get them done.

Tip 3: Use the rules

Tip number three, use the rules, rules in your inbox. So, almost all email handling programs, they have the ways that you can use rules. So, rules are automated ways that email is being handled. So, it could be that you use one inbox for multiple people for example, or you’re getting a lot of emails that are automatic. So, for my case, what I did is I created a rule where all the emails that were coming from one particular person that I was following for his training would automatically go into one folder. So, it would no longer clog up my inbox. You can come up with very creative ways, rules. It can be through who send it to you, when it has been sent, to how many people it has been sent. Is it sent only to you, or are you in CC?


So, when I was a general manager, I got literally dozens and dozens of emails each day, but the majority of them, I was in CC. In my book, if you are in the CC, it’s only for your information. So, you don’t need to take any action on it. So, I just created a rule that each email where I was only CC-ed would automatically go into a different folder and out of my inbox. So, that made sure that my inbox was getting smaller and only had the emails that were particularly sent to me on which I would have to take action.

Tip 4: Keep Your Inbox Empty

Tip number four, keep your inbox empty. I mean, I’ve seen people that literally has thousands of emails still standing in your inbox, and that means you could have no overview at all. So, whenever I ask him about a particular email conversation, he was scrolling and scrolling and scrolling to try to find a particular email I was talking about. So, that takes you tons of times.


So, what you need to do is to keep your inbox empty, and by using the tips that I covered earlier previously, you already get less emails, and some of the emails will be handled automatically, so that means your inbox is already smaller, but try to, at the end of the day, have your inbox empty. So, each email goes into a specific location. So, either it’s being handled or it has been scheduled to be handled in some future time, but it should no longer be in your inbox.

Tip 5: Delegate Your Email

Tip number five, delegate your email. If you’re still having a lot of time spending on your emails, delegate it. I know that a lot of business owners are hesitant about it because it feels very private, but in the end, it isn’t, and typically, your email for your business is something like info@mybusiness.com, so it is a general email, so, treat it as a general email as well.


Have a virtual assistant go through your inbox, whatever’s left of it, and take action on the emails as you can or at least inform you when some urgent action needs to be taken, right? Now, what this also does, and for me, this was really important because if you don’t have the system in place, then, when you go on a holiday, three or four weeks, you still need to check your emails because nobody else is doing it. So, you need someone to back you up in your emails. So, whenever I go on holiday, I know that my VA has it. She’s on top of it. Whenever she sees an email that I really need to take action on, she’ll send me a text message saying, “This and this is the situation, so you need to take action.” That’s quite different because it gives me so much more relaxation on my holiday if I know that my email is being handled, right?

So, these are the top five tips to save time on your emails. Thank you for watching, and see you around. Bye bye.

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