When you want to have more sales, more income, then you need to create products. This can be from 1-on-1 coaching or consultancy, till a full fledged online training and everything in between. But creating products is hard work and often the results are not what was expected or hoped for.


With these Top 9 Product Creation Tips you will create better products that have more chance of success.

Tip 1: Design with your clients in mind

What are your clients looking for? What is that they want to have a product for? If you don’t know, ask your best clients.

Tip 2: Solve a problem

The bigger the problem that your product solves, the more you can charge for it and the easier it becomes to sell it.

Tip 3: Least viable version

Before completely finishing the product, create a least viable version first. This means the most barebone product that some clients still find interesting. Try selling that. If it doesn’t sell move on to another product.

Tip 4: Create many

Create as many products as you can. The more products out there the more likely one of them will be a huge hit. The ones that don’t work you put on a shelf or in the trashcan.

Tip 5: Create quickly

Don’t work for months on a product. Finish the least viable version as quick as possible. Whenever you notice a new opportunity for a product, create the product asap and see if it sells.

Tip 6: Build scalability in

If the product becomes a success, could you sell hundreds if not thousands of them? How easy is it to scale the product and therefore your business?

Tip 7: Make it different

If your product is the same as your competitors it won’t stand out. In what way can you make your product different than all the other ones out there?

Tip 8: Build in surprise

When a client buys the product will they get positively surprised? Is there something you are doing that they are not expecting and that will get them to talk about you and your product?

Tip 9: Make it profitable

Can you sell the product at such a price that you earn a profit? If not, drop it immediately. It won’t be able to support itself and will hurt your business. This can include a product that costs a lot of your time for a small profit.

These are the Top 9 Product Creation Tips. If you want more details or want to learn how to create a truly remarkable product have a look at my

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What is keeping you from creating a truly remarkable product? Let me know in the comments below.


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